Spinning is not allowed in Foosball, and even if you agree to allow it, it is only useful against beginners, and will stop you game improving. Read more below

Don’t Spin!

We all know what spinning is, its where you run your hand up the handle on a foosball table, and your men quickly rotate more than 360 degrees. This is an illegal move in Foosball

It a bad move as well

Many beginners assume that spinning is not allowed as it is a powerful move, it is not. As you get better at foosball you will find that you can hit the ball harder and harder, eventually to will be able to hit it harder than any “spinner”.
You will also have a lot more accuracy when you do not spin,  spinners never really know what direction the ball is going to go in
Also if you spin you are never going to build up your skills, so you will always be a spinner, others are going to be improving their real skills, this means that while you may win to begin with, eventually you are going to be overshadowed, and stop winning

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