Thinking about kayaking in this cold weather?

there are a few things you need to know when kayaking in winter. It could be dangerous if you’re a beginner and don’t have control over your speed and the vessel you’re paddling

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Blow Up Kayaks: Best Inflatable Kayak Models with Reviews

“I want a kayak, not a toy”, you are probably thinking to yourself. But inflatable kayaks are not toys, they are reliable, durable boats that come with the extra advantage of being very portable. Inflatable kayaks have evolved over the years, they have produced innovative designs, top-class engineering methods have been borrowed from the military and used to craft the most stable, safe floating boats.

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Best Motorized Kayaks & Kayak Trolley Motors (2021) Reviews

Motorized kayaks are without a doubt the newest frontier in recreational watercraft development. Previously, paddle kayaks have been a great success because of their weight, stability, storage, efficiency, and mobility.

Kayaks are normally used by fishermen who want to enhance their experience and reduce the effort, but they have also served recreational purposes more than any other watercraft in current times. If you are out there looking to have some fun, you wouldn't want to waste your energy in paddling a canoe when you can use a lightweight and stable kayak and use that energy in snapping pictures, recording B-rolls or whatever else your heart desires.

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Kayaks for Heavy People: Plus-Size-Friendly Models (2021)

Use of Kayak has been a significant challenge for a large person hence limiting them from enjoying a relaxing kayaking trip and kayaking sport.

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Canoe Kayak Stability - Which Is Better?

We can trace kayaks back over 4,000 years. They were first built through Native humans within the Arctic areas of North America. Crafted the use of carved driftwood and whalebone, the kayaks then had animal skins stretched over the shell and were made waterproof.

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Best Sit-On-Top Kayak for Beginners – 5 Features to Consider

There are so many kayaks in the market today. It's tricky to know the most suitable one if you are new to the sport. For beginners, the best kayaks are usually not suitable for those wanting to take epic trips across wide open seas or in challenging white waters.

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Best Pedal Kayaks – Factors to Consider & Top Features

There are two types of pedal kayaks; these are push pedal kayaks and rotational pedal kayaks. Each of the types has both advantages and disadvantages. So, one has to consider the factors before deciding which one to buy carefully

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Best Tandem kayaks – 2 Person Kayak Recommendations
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Kayak Fishing Safety Tips: Find Out If You Are Well Prepared

Kayak fishing has become more popular in recent years, because of the affordable equipment and ease of use. Kayak was originally invented thousands of years ago by native peoples of the Arctic, they not only used the kayak for the transportation purpose but also to hunt in lakes, rivers, and in shores of the Arctic Ocean.

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Best Kayak Coolers – Buyer’s Guide & Top Recommendations

There are a variety of kayak coolers. From soft-sided to hard-sided to a dry and roll-top bag, available are unique types of coolers for kayaks. Each type of cooler has unique characteristics and benefits.

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