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KICK Triumph 55″ Black Foosball Table Review: Why It’s Great

Kick Triumph 55 Foosball Table In Black – Info And Review

Kick triumph 55 foosball table! I have to say, as an enthusiastic player of foosball, I have had my fair share of breaking tables.

I’m sick of it, actually. A lot of tables on the market just have really thin table tops that crack extremely easy under the pressure of a really intense foosball game, or sometimes just because you look at it sideways.

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KICK just in case a rowdy game

My friends and I play hard, so the full ½” thickness of this table is an enormous boon for us.
To top this off, there is also a lifetime warranty from KICK just in case a rowdy game damages the table in some way, shape, or form; which seems to be nearly impossible if mine held up to the party last Friday night.

“Some of us have a lot more skills than others”

KICK’s kit comes with a set of optional cup holders that can be placed on each side of the table for long running games, finally bringing an end to drink breaks.

We all know that as essential as staying hydrated is, it can really put a damper on the mood of a game when you’re forced to walk away for any reason.

both 1 and 3 goalie play

Then there are full setups for both 1 and 3 goalie play. KICK allowed for a much higher than average level of player customization. Everyone likes to play their games differently. For example, something my friends and I like to do since some of us have a lot more skills than others, we set up one side for each setting.
The player with the higher skill level takes the single goalie team. This set up is also really fun to mix it up or bet on. Keeping the opponent on their toes is the best way to spice up the game. And come on, we all know the dread of a long-running bland game, right?

ball return slot on both sides

There is a ball return slot on both sides of the table, so there is minimal interruption in gameplay when a goal is scored. My friends and I like to keep a sticky note by the ball return slot so we can add the score to the tally and grab the ball at the same time.

This helps with keeping in the flow of the game so that once you’re in the zone, you can stay in the zone. The rods and bearings?
Those use the same technology as fidget spinners to keep gameplay smooth. As we all know, smooth gaming is fast gaming, and fast gaming is where we lose hours and hours to fun with our companions.

All you have to do is ask!

And, as if we need another reason to love KICK at this point, they will send a free bottle of lubricant when you buy one of their tables. All you have to do is ask! This ensures the best experience possible for your first game with a new table.

Since the rods and bearings are metal on metal, it is critical to keep them lubricated up properly to prevent scraping. Thankfully, the lube they sent goes a long way with just a few drops to each rod and bearing. So far, we have only had to lube up once in about 3 months. Again, this all depends on how often and how hard you play. If the rods seem to “stick” it’s always best to add a drop or two of lube just to be safe.

“Great for a den or man cave too!”

In addition to being designed with long, competitive games in mind, KICK built this table to be the perfect accent in any room. The full measurements are 55” L X 30” W X 36″ H which fits perfectly into the floor plan of a living room or game room. This table is great for a den or man cave too.

And, KICK has also included 5” levelers in each leg. Not only do these level out the playing field, no matter how sloped your room may be, but they can also be used to boost the height of the table for taller players to enjoy comfortable play. Or if you really want to get wild and a challenge to your game, you can purposefully slope the table to play uphill to really raise the steaks, or simply just to show off.

definitely a lot of pros to this table

So, there are definitely a lot of pros to this table in particular, so I know you have to be wondering by now, where are the downsides? Where are the cons at? I know there have to be some because there always are cons, even if they are minute.

Nothing is 100% on every single point, and in the few cases that something seems to be that way, it’s almost always untrue. Thankfully, with KICK there is only one real problem.

“an amazing fit for any room”

The only issue I had with this table at all has been that the paper instructions that came with it are terribly made. The diagram is really small, and the excessive text is equally as small; making it harder to read. At first, I thought it was just me, but issues with the instructions seem to come up in a lot of the reviews that dock stars.
But, with some googling, there are plenty of videos for other similar tables that can help out enough to get it pieced together without wanting to rip your hair out. I definitely advise looking for these sooner rather than later. I really wish someone would have told me to try that out.

I don’t think it’s really worth docking stars considering the table itself is basically perfect, but I thought I should offer up the tip anyway.

KICK Triumph is an amazing fit for any room

All in all, the excessive he KICK Triumph is an amazing fit for any room you can put it in with regards to size, shape, and color. And also, a great fit for any group of players. Whether you like a casual game with little to no steaks, or you prefer a harsher game with bets on the table and lots of yelling, this is the table for you.

  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 30" W X 36" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set ✅
  • ⚽️ Elegant Simplicity and Durability ✅
  • ⚽️ Lifetime Warranty (Only on New Tables Purchased From KICK) ✅

Other Questions

Are kick foosball tables good?

Yes. Kick foosball tables have taken the game to a whole new level with their high-quality, durable and affordable rates. Kick brand of foosball tables was established in 1990, revolutionizing foosball in our homes.

Some foosball table brands include; Kick Legend 55", Kick Triumph 55"- Black, Kick Legend 55"- Black, Kick Monarch 48" – Folding and more. When looking for high-quality, elegant and elite foosball tables, Kick brands rarely disappoint looking from various aspects.

What's more, they come with a life-time warranty, join the Kick brand today and enjoy foosball on another level.   

What is the best foosball table to buy? 

No game room is complete without a quality foosball table! Finding a quality foosball table can be confusing, especially when there are many brands to choose from. Among the indoor table games, foosball has the most movable parts, and that's the opportunity for breakage or malfunction.

Tornado foosball table is a premium foosball table for professionals, while Kick brands are the best for foosball enthusiasts on a budget. You might not notice their differences in quality upfront among the two brands, but the difference will be visible after a few years of extensive use. 

Which are the cheapest and best kick tables

Kick brand foosball table manufacturer prides itself on cheap and quality tables. Kick Legend 55" is one of the best Kick foosball table brands to watch. Its appearance adds extra aesthetics to the game room. If you have a limited game room space, a Kick folding table might be the ultimate solution.

Kick brand has a foosball table for any budget for families and friends to enjoy foosball match together without breaking the bank. 

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