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Can playing table tennis cause back pain? It helps you to stay fit and healthy!

As with most sports that involve a lot of running, jumping, turning, throwing, etc., there is always the potential for back pain.

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Is table tennis a real sport or not? Yes -Table tennis is a real sport!

It's a common misconception, but table tennis is a sport. In fact, it's more than just that. It's actually an Olympic sport since 1988 and one of the most popular sports in the world with over 250 million players.

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Table Tennis: How many calories? Burn up to 600 calories in an hour of play!

Table tennis has been shown to benefit weight loss if it is played regularly. Swinging the racket and playing games with a partner or a group of people will almost always burn lots of calories.

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Pool And Table Tennis Table : 7 Combo Sets for Nonstop Flexible Family Fun

Home game lovers always deal with the hassle of setting up more than one game or table in a room, since there is never enough space to install as many games as it would take to please everyone and at the same time to allow the players to move comfortably. Fortunately, a multi-game table, such as a pool table ping pong combo will certainly make your job a lot easier.

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Beginner Guide To Table Tennis-Foods To Enhance Performance

We all need food for proper growth, health, and energy. Are you a table tennis player, and you wonder what the best diet that will help you improve your performance is?

Eating the right food is one factor that will determine whether you will succeed in table tennis. Apart from the skills and expertize required in the game, one needs to have a healthy body by taking the right foods.

Table tennis also requires intense training. That means you have to follow a certain diet for several days, not only on a few days before the competition day. Unfortunately, many people take for granted the kind of foods they take when they are active in sports.

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High-End Ping-Pong Tables: Premium Quality Products (2022)

Ping pong is a glorious sport that can add more enjoyment to your daily life. However, to play ping pong, you will need to own a high-end ping pong table. Buying a ping pong table is not as easy as people might think.
They fill the market with such tables because of which most people struggle to find the best product. Getting a quality ping-pong table becomes more difficult for a beginner.

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Best Table Tennis Rubber with High Control & Spin Rating

Do you want to buy the best ping-pong paddle (racket) that will provide you deadly spins and still allow you to have control over the ball? For a good spin and control, you need to be selective when making a buying decision to avoid getting frustrated.

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How to Set Up a Table Tennis Net: Professional Guidelines

Table tennis net setting procedure includes three basic things, which are two posts for tying the net, and the net itself. These posts should be height adjustable and with a clamp, strong enough to stand against the stress when the net is tightened.

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Best Table Tennis Bat for Beginners: Ideal Starter Paddles

The thing that carries most of the weight-age and huge importance is having the right ping-pong paddle. It is the most influential part of the game. Having a wrong ping-pong paddle can devastate your game.
A beginner may be confused while buying a ping-pong paddle because there is a wide range of products available

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Table Tennis Tables Reviews: Indoor & Outdoor, Pros & Cons

One is indoor, and the other is the outdoor type. If you have a sizeable space in your garage, then I would recommend you to go for indoor table tennis. But if you like me who don’t have any space in the garage. Then I would recommend you to go for outdoor table tennis

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