Pool And Table Tennis Table : 7 Combo Sets for Nonstop Flexible Family Fun

Pool And Table Tennis Table : 7 Combo Sets for Nonstop Flexible Family Fun

Home game lovers always deal with the hassle of setting up more than one game or table in a room, since there is never enough space to install as many games as it would take to please everyone, and to allow the players to move comfortably. Fortunately, a multi-game table, such as a pool table ping pong combo will certainly make your job a lot easier.

Why add only a pool table or ping-pong table to your game room when you can benefit from up to ten different games by setting up one combination table.

From Foosball to Table Tennis, Billiards, and Backgammon, everyone can play their favorite games. Therefore, combination tables are perfect for gatherings with the entire family and friends.

When searching for the best pool table ping pong combo, there are some standard features that differentiate it from the overabundance of alternatives available on the market, and they revolve around the size, resilience, and the accessories that come along with the multi-game table.

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Pool Table Ping Pong Combo Sets Buying Guide

Deciding on what multi-game table to choose is overwhelming, and understandably so, given the many models available on the market. Knowing what are the features that you should consider when shopping for a combo set will help you make a better choice with little difficulty.

Before you start browsing, consider making a list of games that you, your family, and friends play often, since there are combination tables that include up to 14 games and you would get the best bang for your buck, if they include alternatives that your loved ones enjoy the most.

Benefits of multi games tables

Buying a combo table brings many benefits, which turns out to be the reasons most people would make such an acquisition.

Multi games tables have a space-saving design.

Buying one unit that has multiple games will reduce overcrowding the space designated for entertainment. You can opt to store the detachable tops in a different place, but why bother when you can opt for a multi-game table with on-board storage.

Combo sets are cost-effective alternatives.

If your budget does not allow multiple premium purchases in order to enjoy single games, you can opt for an all-in-one alternative, which sometimes features accessories that are not available in the single-game model. 

Lots of fun for everyone, big or small.

Be it a party or a small family gathering, everyone gets to play their favorite game. Compete, change the game and repeat! This should be the motto of multi-game table enthusiasts, as there is nothing on the market that can compete with this type of combo sets.

Pool Table Ping Pong Combo Sets.

When choosing a multi-game table, you can opt for one of the three basic designs:

Conversion top combo game table.

It is usually manufactured as a fold-out game panel that can be set on top of another game panel, such as a pool table, thus transforming it into another type of game table. Buying conversion tops saves you some money, but they rarely have a lot to offer in terms of variety.

Rotating multi-game table.

Ideal for any home, rotating tables are a popular choice that can mix up to 10 different games. That makes them cost-effective alternatives that are easy to use. You just rotate the table to have a different game panel. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 is a rotating multi-game table. 

Hybrid multi-game table.

This type of game table combines the features and functionalities of the other two designs. Both the rotating table surface and conversion top are included in this multi-game table.

Essential features to look out for while buying the best pool table ping pong combo.

Long-lasting optimal surface.

If the surface where the action happens is not manufactured to last and satisfy the requirements of a specific game, you are wasting your money. For foosball, look for a top made in a way that speeds up the game. A good pool tablecloth is a slick one, as it does not obstruct ball movement. The only situation in which you should not stress too much about this aspect is when you want to buy a multi-game table for kids.

Size matters. 

Combo sets do not differ from any other game tables, and they come in different sizes, ranging from full-size traditional tables to compact tables and mini tabletops. The size you need is dictated by various factors, such as the room or what you intend to use the table for.

Mini-tables are enough for younger kids, but for adults and teens, bigger models, such as the Hathaway Maverick or the Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table, are preferred.                

Light and durable materials.

When picking a multi-game table, opt for the one that is sturdy, but not very heavy, as you may want to move it around and with bigger models that is a hassle. If you want the table to last more than a summer, consider the table materials such as composite materials, because they are resistant to moisture and humid environments.

PVC also provides durability, and it is usually used in the manufacturing of games like foosball and pool. To minimize the chances of dealing with worn out surfaces or broken accessories within the first months of purchase, you could read a couple of pool table ping pong combo reviews about the model you would like to buy.

The more accessories included, the better.

Be it cue sticks and balls for billiard tables, net, and post set for ping pong or pucks for air hockey, the combo table should come with all the accessories you need in order to play immediately after setting up the table. 

Storing options.

Some models store each game panel within themselves, as of the Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table. It is ideal because the surfaces just stack onto each other, and this saves you a lot of space when you are not using them.

Another useful option is the one where there are several side storage points for billiard balls and cue sticks, as you may notice in the design of the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1. For those who do not have a lot of storage space options, the best multi-game table is the one that allows you to store it in plain sight, by transforming into a dining table.


A fine multi-game table features a versatile design and a sturdy build but also has the qualities that will survive in less than ideal circumstances, such as fluid spilling or being handled incorrectly, especially when it will be used by kids. Also keep in mind that a multi-game table is more likely to be used more frequently, which means it will deteriorate more quickly than regular single game items.


You might be surprised to find out that multi-game tables usually come with short-term warranties, either as a 90-day money-back guarantee or a 1-year limited warranty. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and pick a model with the best features and included accessories, so you have little to no need for a warranty.

Versatility costs.

The price of a multi-game table varies from as low as $150 to $1000, and the more versatile it is, the higher the price goes. The same applies to the size of a combo set and the number of games included.

What it all comes down to.

This review is aimed towards those who wish to choose the best pool table ping pong combo set available on the market, and since there are so many amazing models out there, boiling down the review to only three recommendations worth trying might make it even easier to choose the right fit.

With two games in one, the 7ft Hathaway Maverick table is by far the best choice for teens and adults. It is a space-saving model, with a quality build, poly-sealed surface, blended felt, and k66 rubber cushions. Compared to other models with the same features, this one also has a decent price. 

If you are an adult looking for mature entertainment, and you will pay a little more for it, an 84 inches long rotating table with included pool, ping pong and air hockey panels might just be what you need. The Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table is delivered ready to use, and it is built in a way that allows switching games to be made in seconds. 

Even if you do not have a considerable budget, you can still benefit from the huge games supply included in the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 table. Besides being extremely versatile, this table is also good looking, with its exterior that resembles natural wood.


Best 7 Pool Table Ping Pong Combo Review 2020.

A buying guide will surely come in handy, as you will learn about the features you should consider when purchasing a multi-game table.

Make sure to go through each of the seven in-depth reviews on the finest combination tables that are now available on the market, so that you can make the best choice, based on your budget, needs, and preferences. 

1. Hathaway Maverick

Hathaway Maverick 7 foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game

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Quick Review

If you’re looking to double the fun, Hathaway Maverick brings that to you in the shape of a 2-in-1 pool table that can be quickly transformed into a fast-paced table tennis top in the blink of an eye. If you do not have enough space for full-size pool tables, this 7ft Hathaway Maverick table is an ideal alternative to accommodate your entire family and your friends. And do not worry about those who are not pool enthusiasts.

With assembled product dimensions of 84’’ x 46’’ x 31’’ and a play-field of 74.75 inches long by 36.75 inches wide, the Hathaway Maverick also brings, besides the triangle rack, two-piece 57-inch pool cues, 16 billiard balls, chalk and brush, some accessories for those who prefer table tennis. The combo table also comes equipped with two table tennis paddles, a post, a net, and balls. The table tennis playfield is a thick blue two-piece top with black edge trim.

Observing how the structure of this table combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology, you can certainly tell it has a long-lasting build. The beautiful and elegant design presents a CARB certified MDF surface, a silver laminated top rail, k-66 cushion, as well as superior quality wool blended red felt and pedestal-style leg. The table also comes with leg levelers, to ensure maximum stability and facilitate leveling on uneven surfaces. You might also notice that the k-66 gum rubber stimulates quick and accurate ball rebound. 

The exterior design of the Hathaway Maverick has a black matte laminated side and end panels with black ABS molded corner connectors. Another feature of this table is the durable resin molded drop pockets.

If you are worried about setting up the table, there is a 6-step installation process. As for changing it to table tennis, it can be done in an instant, by simply pushing the two top pieces together and attaching the net. You can also benefit from a 180-day money-back guarantee. If by chance the package arrives with missing parts or accessories, Hathaway agrees to send the missing component or even a complete replacement for the table you purchased at no additional cost.

Hathaway certainly offers a combo table that is not too large or too little, sturdy, and easy to install at a fair price. The elegant red wool blended felt ads to the overall high-quality feel of this combo table. 

Although it comes with multiple benefits, Hathaway Maverick has two minor drawbacks that buyers have noticed. Some of them reported that the felt cannot be replaced, which can be unpleasant, while others mentioned that it might not be suitable for outdoor use because the MDF is sensitive to less than desirable weather conditions.

  • TWO GREAT GAMES IN ONE – Save space with this gorgeous, mid-size pool and table tennis combination table. Why buy multiple tables when you can get all the fun in one? Simple 2-step conversion makes switching games a snap.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – This 7 foot pool table is the ideal size for kids. Adults will love its premium features and stylish design. And switching to table tennis is seconds away with the Maverick’s space-saving top.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – The Maverick stands up to the toughest competition, with a poly-sealed billiard surface featuring beautiful blended felt and K66 rubber cushions.Durable resin molded drop pockets
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED – The Maverick comes loaded with accessories, including two 57” pool cues, sixteen 2.5” billiard balls, a triangle, chalk and brush. It also comes with two table tennis balls and paddles, a net and post.
  • DIMENSIONS - 84 x 46 x 31 inches. Pool Table playfield: 74.75” L x 36.75” W. Table Tennis playfield: 84” L x 46” W.

2. Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Triumph 3 in 1 Swivel Multigame Table

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Quick Review

The innovative rotating top of the Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table has a billiards playfield on one side and a 68.5 x 36.25 inches air hockey playing surface, made from composite wood with PVC laminate surface, on the other.

The air hockey playing surface also includes 4 pushers, 2 pucks and has 110V motor with 60Hz noise level and a patented central air distribution system that provides even airflow throughout the table, while the 66 x 36.25 inches billiards playfield features a nylon blend cloth, and includes 1 set of billiard balls, two 75-inch cue sticks, a triangle, two pieces of chalk and a cleaning brush. 

If you are a table tennis enthusiast, the package also comes with a table tennis top, that you can simply slide onto the main top, and accessories for the game, which include 2 rackets, 2 balls, 1 net, and 1 set of posts.

This combo table is an equally good choice for air hockey, billiards, and table tennis fans alike, with a puck that moves smoothly, but swiftly, with little to no risk of it flying out of the playfield, a perfectly leveled billiard top that lets the balls roll without any hitches. Exciting gameplay is also guaranteed by the nylon cloth that speeds up the balls a bit and allows smooth motions. If you add the quick bounce from the rails, you are in for a fantastic experience. 

Despite the functional design and the fact that comes with three different games, which makes it perfect for families with kids, buyers noticed that it takes a rather long time and a significant effort to assemble, as it comes with up to 200 screws and requires patience. Also, it may be a bit challenging to set up evenly.

  • Play three great games on one table – air hockey, billiards, and table tennis
  • Your purchase includes One Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table | One set of billiard balls, Two 57” Cues, One triangle, Two chalks, One table brush | Two Air hockey pushers, Two red pucks | Two Table tennis balls, Two paddles, net and post set
  • Overall table dimensions – 84” L x 44.5” W x 32” H | Billiard playfield dimensions – 66” L x 36.25” W | Air hockey playfield dimensions – 68.5” L x 38.5” W | Voltage for air hockey blower – 110V | Indoor only | Does not fold
  • Rotating swivel table changes games from one to another in seconds
  • Patented central air distribution system provides even airflow throughout the table

3. Atomic Hampton 3-in-1 Combination Table

Atomic 7 Hampton 3 in 1 Combination Table Includes Billiards

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Quick Review

If you’d like to keep your entertainment activities from taking up too much space in your home, you will surely enjoy a robust unit that can be used as a dining table on a daily basis and as a billiards and tennis table when needed. The design is quite appealing, with a modern contemporary Grey Woodgrain finish.

You can convert the table into full-size table tennis or billiard size table by simply removing or flipping over the dining top when you want to play a game with your loved ones. All the gaming accessories needed to play table tennis or billiard are included in the package and can be kept in the storage compartment available in the benches.

One might argue that it is very heavy, but many buyers found this combo table to be a great value-for-money product, as it is versatile and comes with upholstered dual storage benches that offer comfortable seating and ample storage for all the gaming accessories included in this combo set. Buyers also mention that putting the table upright might be a hassle due to the fact that there are limited hand placement options. If you think this is worth having in your home, be advised that you should remember to ask the manufacturer about warranty info. 

  • Made of Wood, with a Polycarbonate playing surface - The Atomic Hampton 3-in-1 is billiards, table tennis and dining in one | It is the ultimate multi-functional table addition to your game room, ideal for the entire family
  • Product Size – 84” L x 47.25” W x 31.5” H | Weight – 462 lbs. | Not outdoor rated | Partial assembly required
  • Remove or flip over the dining top to instantly convert your table to a full-size billiard or table tennis table and start playing! All accessories for each game are included
  • Two upholstered storage benches are included for comfortable seating for the dining function while serving as large storage spaces for all of your gaming accessories
  • Since 1927, Escalade Sports has taken pride in manufacturing quality products. With a fully-staffed customer service team, we are committed to providing courteous care and a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase

4. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1

Fat Cat Original 3 in 1

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Quick Review

If you want a good-looking full-size combo table, you should probably check out the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, as it is one of the top-selling products of this kind on the market. Unlike other models, at 289 pounds, it is a heavy-duty table made from composite wood.

The convertible top has a billiards table on one side and an air hockey playing surface on the other. The colors and characteristics of the air hockey playing surface look like those of real hockey fields, which offers a more authentic game experience. Billiards enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the wood core of the platform, along with the Tetolon green felt cloth, rubber bumpers, and drop pockets.

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 aims to impress with an incredibly smooth billiard surface, which makes the gameplay even more satisfying, and it even has a side storage rack for when the balls are not used. As for the air hockey playfield, smooth and swift movements of the puck are 100% guaranteed by the glossy white surface, with graphic elements that make it look like an ice hockey rink, and the powerful 110V blower motor that generates a fuller and more consistent cushion of air to keep the speed of the puck at optimal levels.

Most buyers are very satisfied with the airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute.

To switch between the two sides of the convertible top, thanks to the exclusive GLD Latch System, you just have to unlock the table first, rotate it to the preferred platform, and then lock it back in. 

This combo table comes with a ping pong top as a separate accessory. It is divided into three parts, which is perfect for compact storage and comes with a net. 

As for the assembling process, you will probably need two or three people to set up the table safely, as its components are quite heavy. Nonetheless, it is a straightforward procedure and it should not take more than 2 to 3 hours.

The design of this Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 combo table could lead you to think that it is destined only for adults to enjoy, but it can accommodate players of all ages.  

While most buyers appreciated that it is supplied with all the accessories you need for each game, that it can be easily and safely rotated and adjusted, and that it has a durable construction with built-in storage for accessories, some of them admitted that one of the drawbacks of purchasing this table is the strong unpleasant scent that accompanies it on arrival. Also, you should keep in mind that due to its heavy structure, the installation process may be difficult.

  • Pockey Table Overall Dimensions: 80in L x 44in W x 32in H / Weight: 268 lbs
  • Playfield Dimensionsfor Billiards Table: 70in L x 34in W / Playfield Dimensions for Air Hockey Table: 74in L x 38in W
  • Exclusive GLD Latch System allows you to safely rotate table from billiards to air hockey in only seconds
  • Manual scoring
  • Includes the accessories for Air powered table Hockey and billiards cues, billiards balls, triangle, brush, goalies, pucks, trifold table tennis top, net/post, paddles, and table tennis balls.

5. Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combination Interchangeable Game Table Set

Best Choice Products 10 in 1 Game Table

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Quick Review

If you are searching for a combo table to keep your kids or friends and family entertained for hours on end, look no further, as the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 has an interchangeable tabletop and 10 different games to choose from. By flipping over the base, you can switch between foosball, slide hockey, billiards, table tennis, shuffleboard, chess, cards, backgammon, bowling, and checkers. It is an impressive combo table suitable even for kids 3+ years.

With a compact design that stacks all the other game platforms between the foosball table and the billiards base, this combo table saves you a lot of space. You could even consider setting it up in a children’s bedroom or in a smaller living space. The exterior has a natural wood-like aspect and will blend in well in almost any interior design scheme. Even if it is not made of genuine wood, it has a strong and durable build. As for those of you who enjoy a more intense game of table tennis or slide hockey, you can rest assured that the 4 solid legs with non-slip bases can keep the tabletop as stable as possible.

What you should expect to find in this combo set: a foosball table base, a pool table, a double-sided board for hockey and table tennis, a double-sided shuffleboard/bowling board, 13 foosball home players and 13 foosball away players, two safety locks, one deck of playing cards, two mini soccer balls for foosball, a set of billiard balls, two cue sticks and two chalk pieces, a pool ball triangle, two hockey pushers, two felt pads, two hockey pucks, a set of chess pieces, a set of checkers pieces, a set of backgammon pieces, a set of bowling pieces, a set of shuffleboard pucks, a set of table tennis paddles and balls, and a ping pong net.

For a combo table with a plethora of great features, from the wide variety of games suitable for family entertainment and space-saving design to the gorgeous wood-like exterior surface and robust legs with non-slip bases, Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combination Interchangeable Game Table Set only has one drawback that the buyers sometimes notice, and that is the size of the table, which may be a bit small for some users. In case you make the purchase and end up not being satisfied, the manufacturer will address your issue, as the table comes with a 60-day limited warranty.

  • FUN FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS: 10 options for friendly competition provide hours of fun for the entire family! Let children battle it out in shuffleboard, or watch grandpa dominate a game of billiards
  • VERSATILE 10-IN-1 TABLE: Interchangeable table top lets you play slide hockey, foosball, billiards, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: All surfaces can be stacked between the billiard base and foosball table, making it ideal for placement in a child's bedroom or a bonus game room
  • STABLE BUILD: Easy-to-interchange boards rest on 4 strong legs, with each standing on non-slip footing to help prevent sliding and ensure stability
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This set comes complete with over 50 accessories, so enjoyable competition is at your fingertips in a variety of ways!; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 48"(L) x 24"(W) x 30.5"(H)

6. Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table

Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table

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Quick Review

From action-packed games to mentally stimulating activities, you will find an option for everyone in this Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table kit. As opposed to the majority of combo game tables, which provide only 3 or 4 games, this one will keep kids, teenagers, and families entertained for countless hours, with 10 different games to choose from: billiards, slide hockey, table tennis, foosball, backgammon, cards, chess, bowling, shuffleboard, and checkers.

Forget about the tiresome process of screwing things together because this table can be assembled in less than an hour. It has a practical design and it arrives with all the accessories you need to set it up. Even though it does have a rather kid-friendly graphics on the side, this table can accommodate adult gaming sessions as well.

You might notice that there are two main tables, one for billiards and one for foosball, that have different dimensions, which makes stacking them easier. If you want to switch between tables, all you have to do is to lift away the top panel and replace it with the preferred one. As for the components that you do not use, you can store them between the other game panels.

Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table may be, indeed, a pricier option, but it comes with a 1-year warranty, which makes it a trouble-free acquisition. 

Some buyers noticed that this combo game table does not include a rule book for each game.

  • 10-IN-1 COMBO GAME TABLE - Interchangeable tabletop lets you play slide hockey, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon
  • EASILY ASSEMBLE - All accessories are included so you can easily switch from one game to another for hours of enjoyment
  • SPACE SAVING STORAGE - All game tables stack between the billiard base and foosball table making this the perfect accessory for a game room or child's bedroom
  • Dimensions: Billiard table: 22.5 inches wide x 27.5 inches tall x 40 inches long; Billiard balls are 36mm (1.5 inches); Foosball table: 24 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 41.25 inches long x 3.5 inches deep
  • WARRANTY - Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free purchasing

Playcraft Danbury Espresso 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table

Playcraft Danbury Honey Oak 13 in 1 Multi Game Table

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Quick Review

7. Playcraft Danbury Espresso 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table

Ideal for numerous families and parties, the Danbury Espresso 14-in-1 offers a complete entertainment center in one combo table. Variety and years of fun are guaranteed, as this 215 lbs table is certainly not a toy, due to its well-built, sturdy, time tested design.

Some of the features you might notice at a first glance are the very robust 4”X4” legs with leg levelers and the elegant espresso finish. The frame material of this table is mostly manufactured wood combined with plastic. 

Among the 14 games included in this combo, there is a pool table with pool balls that have a 1.5-inch diameter, an oversized table tennis panel, and a full electric motor-powered air hockey table. For those who appreciate a classic game of chess, checkers & backgammon, this complex combo set comes equipped with accessories for each of them and more. The high-speed action foosball table, with 1/2” solid through rods with plastic bushings, is perfect for those who appreciate a little bit of movement and coordination. Bowling and shuffleboard are two other exciting games available if you chose this combo table for quality family time.

Besides the usual games you would find in such a multi-game table, Danbury Espresso also brings Pop-a-Shot Basketball, Poker, Dominoes, Yahtzee, and Pinochle, all of which come with accessories included. Each game has convenient storage for accessories.

Buyers who endorse this combo table as a hefty and very sturdy model that is worth every penny also recommend not letting kids change the game panels, as lifting and flipping the sections might be hard for them. Children can accidentally lean on a loose table and cause it to tilt and injure the other players. There are many stating that it might take two people to flip the tables and switch games. Some of them also mention that the pool sticks are really light, so you might want to take that into account. But overall, most of the buyers are happy with the purchase and can confirm that you get your money’s worth with this one. Kids and adults alike love the variety of games and the quality of the accessories included. 

Setting the combo table up should not take more than an hour, provided you have at least one more person helping you. The manufacturer recommends this table for indoor use only.

  • 13 Games for hours of fun
  • Very sturdy solid 4"x4" legs with leg levelers
  • Pool table Bowling table Shuffleboard table Chess, Checkers & Backgammon Yahtzee, Dominoes, Poker & Pinochle cards
  • Convenient Storage for all of the accessories
  • Rich looking Honey Oak laminate
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