Foosball Books - Read The Best Books About Foosball

Can you improve a physical ability – Like Foosball, by reading books? Or can books only be used to develop abilities like Maths? The answer may surprise you!

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Foosball Table Light: Choosing the Right Light for Foosball

Getting the right level of brightness of light in your playing area will not only help you create that ambient games room feel, but also improve your game by...

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Foosball Buyer’s Guide for ANY Budget & Space, Big or Small!

How to pick the table that will suit you, your budget and the space available. Don't be disappointed with the table you choose, it may be around for years!

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KICK Triumph 55″ Black Foosball Table Review: Why It’s Great

I have had my share of breaking tables. This has a lifetime guarantee in case its damaged which seems to be impossible if mine held up to the party last night.

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Professional Foosball Players: Getting There & Getting Paid

Professional Foosball Player, Ultimate Guide to becoming a Professional, Salaries, Sponsorship, Tournaments, Rankings, Entrance Fees - Learn it all

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Best Foosball Coffee Tables (2021): Reviews, Perks & Options

Coffee tables that include foosball are becoming more common as manufacturers try to convince you to get one, but is it a Foosball table, or a Coffee Table?

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Mini Foosball Tables: 11 Reviews (2021) to Help You Choose

Full-sized Foosball tables are large, and take up a lot of room. Not everyone has the space for a full table. Here we look at some space saving alternatives

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8 Man Foosball Table Reviews – Extra Players for Extra Fun!

Type of table that not many people are going to buy for themselves, unless of course, you own a bar, or have some sort of Events Company. Can be rented

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Foosball Wrist Injury, Preventing And Treating this Common Problem

Foosball is a save indoor game right? I mean there is no need to worry about getting any injuries? Find out about preventing and treating wrist injuries

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Foosball Safety Tips for Children: What to Watch Out for

It is one of the safest games to have in your home, this gives some ideas of things you should watch out for if you have children, or need to think about safety

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