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Best Foosball Coffee Tables (2022): Reviews, Perks & Options

Coffee tables that include foosball are becoming more common as manufacturers try to convince you to get one, but is it a Foosball table, or a Coffee Table?

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Mini Foosball Tables: 11 Reviews (2022) to Help You Choose

Full-sized Foosball tables are large, and take up a lot of room. Not everyone has the space for a full table. Here we look at some space saving alternatives

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8 Person Foosball Table Reviews – Extra Players for Extra Fun!

Type of table that not many people are going to buy for themselves, unless of course, you own a bar, or have some sort of Events Company. Can be rented

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Foosball Injury, Preventing And Treating this Common Problem

Foosball is a save indoor game right? I mean there is no need to worry about getting any injuries? Find out about preventing and treating wrist injuries

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Foosball Safety Tips for Children: What to Watch Out for

It is one of the safest games to have in your home, this gives some ideas of things you should watch out for if you have children, or need to think about safety

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7 Foosball Drinking Games Everybody Loves @ Bars & Parties

A Foosball drinking game is any game that involves a Foosball Table, where drinking alcohol is involved. These games usually happen at parties, or bars, and games include Standard Foosball Drinking Game, Multiball Drinking Game & First To Finish

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How to Practice Foosball by Yourself: Practice Drills & Tips

have never really put a lot of effort into practicing alone, so I thought that I would look into this aspect of improving my Foosball game

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How To Enter The Foosball World Championships (World Cup)

Several competitions can be considered to be the Foosball World Championships; here we will tell you how to find the details of each of them, and whether you can enter yourself

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How to Setup A Foosball Table: Easy Instructions & Diagram!

This guide is a general overview, of how to construct a foosball tab;e. We can’t tell you how to put together every table that is out there, but if you read this article you will have a good idea of how big a task this is, and what you need to achieve it

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Foosball for Dummies: The Basic Beginner’s Guide You Need!

New to the game of Foosball or Tbale Soccer? Here is out guide for the complete beginner, start your Foosball Education here

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