This type of table allows you to play 4 different games on a single table by swapping the table tops. These games could be things such as Foosball, Air Hockey, Billiards etc. Because you can play 4 games this style of table is called a “Multi-Game Table.”

Because the table is designed to play multiple games, each of the individual games will probably not be as good as they would be on a table dedicated to that game, some design consideration needs to be given to each game played

Ideally suited to children, who want to be able to play more than one game


“Table is a bit low for adults, but is wonderful for the kids”

“My Grandchildren love this game”

This is a multi-table game with its own folding legs. This means that you can play other games besides foosball on it, and the table has its own legs. These can be folded up for more accessible storage when the table is not in use. The foosball playing surface is black, and the opposing teams have men of black and white.

This portable folding game table has a weight of about 50 pounds and an approximate size of 42″x 24″x 32″(L*W*H). The table does not require a dedicated space to be kept in, as it was designed with secure storage in mind for when it is not in use. Because the table is relatively light, it can move if the players become overexcited, so try not to become over-enthusiastic when playing on this table!

Each opponent has 4 rods to control the foosball players. The setup is as follows: A single goalie, followed by 2 players on the defensive bar. This is followed by 3 players on the midfield bar, then another 3 players on the attacking bar. There is a ball return and scoreboard for each player as well

  • Billiards Game
  • Air Hockey Game
  • Table Foosball
  • Table Tennis
  • High quality and sturdy construction
  • MDF/PB material, delivers a long-lasting, fun
  • Premium bearings, smooth playing field, counter balanced men
  • Size 42″x 24″x 32″
  • Weight 51 Pounds


Deluxe 48in/4Ft 4 in 1 Top Game Table Multi-function Steady Combo Table Tennis (Ping Pong ),Glide...
4 Reviews
Deluxe 48in/4Ft 4 in 1 Top Game Table Multi-function Steady Combo Table Tennis (Ping Pong ),Glide...
  • 4 CLASSICAL GAMES. Soccer Foosball Table, Hockey Table, Pool Table, Table Tennis Table in one set steady game table. The four ball games in one table, you can exchange optionally from one to another.
  • High quality and sturdy construction, 31.5"x 18.9"x 25.6"(L*W*H), Weight 28.2 lbs,
  • Easy operation, simply assembled and very easily convert from one game to another
  • MDF/PB material, delivers a long-lasting, fun and sleek look Great
  • Great Christmas Gift, A set of game table provides you with 4 different enjoyment, a great indoor entertainment and fun for all ages

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