Best Radio Controlled Bait Boat - We Have All the Options!

RC Bait Boat (RC – Radio Controlled), or RC Fishing Boat as they are sometimes known, can be a handy tool when fishing. Obviously they can drop your bait with a high degree of accuracy, some distance from the shore. But there are other uses:

  • Casting with accuracy by delivering your line from the boat
  • Attaching a Fish Finder and scouting the area
  • Connecting a line and fishing from the RC bait boat

They have also attracted some controversy, as some people think of them as “cheating.” Read my complete guide to remote control fishing boats below!

We also have 6 great ideas to improve the use you get from your Radio Controlled Bait Boat

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A Radio Controlled Bait Boat can help you a lot when fishing. It has several uses and dropping your bait precisely where you want it to be is just the first!

What Is A Bait Boat And Why Are They Useful?

An RC Bait Boat (RC – Radio Controlled) is a small boat (approx. 18-24 inches long – 45-60cms) that makes fishing easier. Instead of dispersing your bait by hand, you now put it into the boat and drop it in the exact location that you want.

The boat is driven easily with a remote control. This is the same as any radio-controlled boat, the only difference being that it has 1 or 2 “tip” buttons for dumping its loads into the water.

The major advantage of a boat over throwing the bait manually, is that you do not miss your target, and use less bait. As less bait is required, it is concentrated in a smaller area, attracting fish to this there, and to your hook.

Another advantage is the distance the boat can travel. You can quickly put bait and your line into the best fishing spots. These may be too far from the shore to accurately cast. A good starter model should have a range of at least 500 yards (400 meters)

More high end models (or basic models with some modifications – see later in this article), may have fish finders, echo sounders or GPS. This would allow you to map the area, and to locate fish, in far less time than it would if you mapped out the area manually.

The Bait Boat Debate – Is It Cheating?

Bait boats have split the fishing world, some people love them, and others hate them. There arguments for and against. The positives have been mentioned, but to summarize:

  • Precise placement of bait
  • You can drop your hook in places impossible to cast
  • Live bait can be placed without damage that would occur casting

The arguments against RC bait boats are

  • They remove the need for skill. Casting accuracy is no longer needed
  • If there are several bait boats on a stretch of water, they can get in the way
  • They can be abusive, taking the bait a long way and using the entire lake

I would say that using a remote control fishing bait boat is not cheating. Yes, it gives you some advantage, but most anglers have equipment that others do not. Some people have better rods and reels that are too expensive for the average fisherman. Some have fish finders etc. The list goes on.

As long as you use the boat with respect when there are other anglers around, not disturbing their fishing, then there really should be no problem.

It’s only when one person acts the fool with his boat, that people get annoyed with all the bait boat uses. So, please be careful when using your bait boat!

Bait Boat

What Properties Should You Look For In An RC Bait Boat

When buying a Radio Controlled Bait Boat, as with anything, you should look at the specifications before deciding which to buy. Of course the more you want on your boat, the more it may cost. The following are the most important things to think about when making your choice, and what they are on a good basic model

  • Price: A RC Bait Boat will cost from just over $100 for a good basic model
  • Material: It is going to be in the water, so plastics are best. ABS is normally used
  • Max. Speed: How fast the boat can go. 4mph on a basic model
  • Remote Control: Usually 2.GHz on the basic model, some may have two frequencies
  • Remote control distance: How far can you go from the base unit? About 400-600 yards on a basic model?
  • Battery for the boat: Type of battery will affect the running time. 5200mAh Li typical
  • Maximum usage time: How long will the boat run on a charge? 2-4 hours typically
  • Charging time: How long to fully charge a drained battery? About 12h in general
  • Weight: How heavy is the RC Bait Boat
  • Controls: Move forward/backward, turn left/right, drop bait.
  • Number of Tanks: How many independent bait tanks does it have? Generally 2.
  • Tank Capacity: How much can you carry in the bait boat? In general 2-3 pounds

Casting With An RC Bait Boat

With your remote control bait boat, as it is – unmodified, you have not only to use it for dropping bait to attract the fish. You can also use it to carry your line out to the best spots, with a high degree of accuracy and drop your line in. Not only is this more precise, but you can also carry the line out much further than you could cast it.

If you have a dual-bay RC Bait Boat, you can put the bait in one container and the line in the other, so that you can position the bait close to your hook. Should you only have the one tipping mechanism on your RC fishing bait boat, you can put the line in with the bait and take it far out and dump them into the water together, attracting fish to your line.

Best RC Fishing Boat – Upgrading

When you get your RC Bait Boat, it will come equipped with tippable trays for the bait. But it is possible to upgrade your Bait Boat so that it can help you in a lot of other ways. Six of the best bait boat upgrades we can think of are given below

1 Remote Control Fishing Boat With Fish Finder

Fish Finders as I am sure you already know, are sonar type devices that allow you to see the bottom of the river. You can look for decent fishing spots, and also, of course, detect any fish that are in the water.

There are many types available, from large ones that are fitted to boats, to smaller castable fish finders. These are cast into the water and monitored with your cell phone. It is this smaller version that can be used with your bait boat.

What you would need to do is take the wireless Fish-finder, and instead of attaching it to your fishing line, attach it to the bait boat with line. You only need about 6-9 inches.

Put the finder into the bait boats bait tipper. Then put the boat out on the water. Once the bait boat gets to the required point, just tip it into the water. This will be much more accurate than casting the fish finder into the water.

Now that the finder is attached to the remote-controlled boat, you can slowly cruise up and down the body of water. Something you could not do. This allows you to find all the likely-looking rocks, and other underwater features that fish love.

You can then use the bait boat to carry your line back to these spots and drop the tackle in the correct place.

Should you have a dual scoop bait boat, you can take the finder in the first scoop and your line in the second scoop. When you find the fish or a likely spot, you can immediately drop your line in. If you do this, you need to be careful that you don’t get your lines tangled!

Below is a video of a fish finder RC bait boat being constructed and used

2 Remote Control Bait Boat With A Fishing Pole

Another interesting attachment you can get for your bait boat is a fishing pole attachment. This allows you to go fishing directly from the back of your boat.

The thing to consider when doing this is:

· The size and power of your Bait Boat

· The size of the fish that are around.

If the fish are more powerful than the boat, it will pull the boat around until the fish is tired out. Should this happen – Shutdown the engine to prevent it burning out, and once the fish is exhausted, start it up again, and pull the fish to shore.

Below is a video of people fishing successfully from the back of a radio-controlled bait boat.

Fishing underwater fish and lure

3 RC Fishing Boat With Underwater Fishing Lights

Fishing lights to attract fish are usually a green color, and this light attracts fish, or part of their food chain, which then attracts the larger fish. This works better in dark water, but will work in any water.

What you do is attach the lights to the bottom of the boat. It is best to connect them in a way that they can be removed again when not in use.

Turn the lights on, put the boat in the water. Then cruise out to a place that looks good for fish. Dump the bait and your line into the water, then once this is done turn off the engine. This will cause as little disturbance as possible. Leave the bait boat above the line with its lights on, rather than bring it back into shore.

The lights are battery powered so will not drain the bait boat if it’s out there a long time. The lights on the boat should help you attract more fish, for a better day's catch!

Below is a video of Fish attractor lights in action

4 RC Bait Boat With High Powered Lights

This is an obvious use , fit a couple of high-powered waterproof torches to the side of the bait boat, pointing slightly down. These can then be used in low light, to illuminate whatever you need to see.

5 RC Fishing Boat With Underwater Camera

Attaching a Bluetooth underwater camera to the bottom of your RC bait boat will allow you to see what is under it. This will let you to look for fish, rocks and any underwater items that may make excellent fishing areas.

You can then watch your line on your phone, and when a fish is going for your bait, strike at precisely the right time.

With a camera attached to the boat, you can also video all the action, to upload to social media, or show to your friends. People will never disbelieve the size of the one that got away again!

WiFi Bait Boat Camera Kit Bait Drop Underwater Live Video

6 Bluetooth GPS

Having a GPS on your RC bait boat means that you will be able to take your boat to precisely the same spot again and again. So, once you have been baiting a specific area for a while, you will always be able to drop your line in the right place.

If you had fished some waters before, or used a fish finder to locate great fishing spots, the GPS would mean you can always re-find the best places to fish

Bestseller No. 1
GoolRC Flytec 2011-5 Fish Finder 1.5kg Loading 500m Remote Control...
  • Functions: Move forward/backward, turn left/right, baiting.
  • Boat body: Adopt high quality ABS material to inject molding, more stable and firm which can against the strong wind and wave, great outlook,exquisite workmanship and quality.
  • Double motors: Huge loading two separate bait tanks which can be controlled separately.
  • Super large capacity baits tank: Weight is 1.5kg, Remote control distance: 500m without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.
  • High capacity Lithium battery: which is put into the middle of the boat body and more stable, can be charged more fast and more power.
Bestseller No. 2
Happybuy Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat Fish Finder 1.5kg Feed...
  • 【RELIABLE MATERIAL】- Adopted high quality ABS material to inject molding, the boat body is more stable and firm with great outlook and also can be against the strong wind and wave.
  • 【INTELLIGENT REMOTE CONTROL】- Up to 500m remote control distance with stable signal transmission. Designed with various functions that can be easily controlled. Bait light can be adjusted up and down when it is convenient night fishing bait to attract fish attention.
  • 【LONG LIFE BATTERY】- 7.4V 5200mAh large capacity battery is put into the middle of the boat body and more stable, and can be charged more fast and more power.
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY BAIT WAREHOUSE】- Featuring two large-capacity bait tanks and its load capacity is up to 1-1.5 kg.
  • 【WIDELY USED】- A good choice and a convenient tool for fishing by river, lakes or shallow waters.
Bestseller No. 3
GoolRC Flytec V500 RC Boat, Fishing Bait Boat Fish Finder 1.5kg...
  • Function: Forward/Backward/Left turn/Right turn/Throwing fishing bait/LED night fishing light/Low battery reminder.
  • 2.4GHz transmitter, you'll never get any radio interference with this electric boat. Remote control can be realized in the range of 500 meters, and the signal is widely stable.
  • The main body is made of ABS material. It is superior impact resistance, wear resistance, strong scratch resistance, strong wind and wave resistance.
  • The hull adopts double motor design, two independent warehouse, which can be operated independently, with a load capacity of about 1.5 kg.
  • Strong blue light design. It can locate and discern the direction in the night flight and play a certain role in attracting fish; Waterproof, low noise, low energy consumption, continuous sailing for at least 2 hours.
Bestseller No. 4
GRTVF Remote Control Boat,One Hand Operate RC Bait Boat Wave...
  • ★ Fishing Bait Boat Adopt high quality ABS material, more stable and firm which can against the strong wind and wave, great outlook, exquisite workmanship and quality. 100% brand new,Quick Start, Easy to operate and easy to install.
  • ★ With push and pull rocker design, the remote controller is simple to operate, the boat has forward, backward, turn left, turn right and nest function. 500m without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.
  • ★ Super large capacity baits tank: Weight is 1.5kg, Remote control distance: 500m without the interference, signal is more stable under the clear environment.
  • ★ Powerful propeller has super speed. Low noise with durable motor for fish bait boat. Huge loading two separate bait tanks which can be controlled separately.
  • ★ RC bait boat is an upgraded version, installed a power reminder light, you can easily see the remaining power.
Bestseller No. 5
CHENJUAN 1Set RC Boat Dual 775 Drive Motor+Cooler+500M...
  • Remote control distance: 500 meters, the remote control is branded, durable, good quality, stable signal
  • Use motor: double 775 high power motor
  • Use paddle: four-leaf large thrust type (double thrust), outer diameter 55MM
  • Remote control function: forward, backward, left turn, right turn, one button off hook off the net, (very convenient), speed can be changed. How much is the throttle, how fast is it,
  • Accessories suitable for remote control boats
Bestseller No. 6
Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat, RC Fishing Bait Boat for Adults and...
  • 【INTELLIGENT REMOTE CONTROL】Large‑Capacity Battery, Placed In The Middle Of The Boat Body, Is More Stable, Can Be Charged Faster And With More Power. Meawhile, The Remote Control Distance Is 500M Without Interference, And The Signal Is More Stable In A Clear Environment.
  • 【POWERFUL FUNCTION】The RC Boats For Adults Can Forward/Backward, Left/Right Turn, Lure Bait. Menawhile, The Huge Loading Of Two Independent Bait Tanks, Can Be Controlled Separately. Large‑Capacity Bait Tank, Weighing About 2Kg.
  • 【RELIABLE MATERIAL】The Boat Body Is Injection Molded With High‑Quality ABS Material, More Stable And Firmer, Resistant To Strong Wind, Exquisite Workmanship, And High‑Quality.
  • 【WIDELY USED】The Remote Control Boat For Fishing Is A Good Choice And A Convenient Tool For Fishing By River, Lakes Or Shallow Waters. Meanwhile, Quick Start, Easy To Operate And Easy To Install.
  • 【100% WARRANTY】We Promises Every Customer A 100% Shopping Satisfaction, Feel Free To Reach Us If You Have Any Questions About Your Purchase.We Will Give You A Professional And Detailed Reply Within 24 Hours.Click To Buy Now!
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HXSYD GPS RC Fishing Bait Boat, 500M Remote Control, Large Capacity...
  • 🌊 FREE CARRY BAG - Each boat comes with a easy carry handbag, portable hand carry and shoulder carry dual-use, easy to carry, easy to travel.
  • 🌊 500 METERS REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE - When the remote control can be connected to 500 meters, the remote control signal is more stable. It is no longer restricted by the production line, but enjoys the convenience brought by unlimited technology. The signal is very stable.
  • 🌊 CAN CONTROL THE BAIT AM INDEPENDENT - 3 bait bins can be controlled independently, which can avoid the one-time release of the different baits and achieve multi-point placement, and it has hooked grooves for fixed point delivery.
  • 🌊 DOUBLE SHELL DESIGN - The shell of the heavy load motor adopts a double motor design, which runs faster and has a load capacity of about 2kg. The two sides are balanced to achieve a good balance and stability and better performance.
  • 🌊 CONTROLLABLE NIGHT NAVIGATION LIGHTS - The design of the front and rear two-color lights, which can be controlled at a great distance, can clearly confirm the position of the ship at a great distance, and can provide a good lighting environment in cloudy and night to determine the positioning point.
Bestseller No. 8
HENGGE RC Fishing Bait Boat, GPS Positioning Automatic Return, Three...
  • Preferred material: three-stage bait design, input can be independently controlled to get more accurate bait, ABS engineering material injection molding hull. The hull is made of ABS engineering materials. It has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance, is easy to carry, and is sealed, safe, very comprehensive protection and battery power, anti-collision shell design.
  • High-performance lithium battery: 5200ah large-capacity lithium battery charges faster and has a larger battery capacity. Located in the middle of the hull, it is more stable. When the battery is insufficient, it will automatically return to the origin. LED spotlight/The remote control can be operated with one hand or both hands/Low power prompt.
  • Product function: Double hull structure, large load motor shell adopts double motor design, faster running speed, load capacity about 1.3-1.5 kg.
  • Value-for-money performance: low noise, high performance, moderate price, waterproof battery power display, accurate and considerate instructions.
  • Product design: new three-cage fishing lure design, GPS positioning and navigation can be controlled separately, completely enclosed and waterproof, cruising at a fixed speed.
Bestseller No. 9
N\C Fishing Tool Smart Remote Control Bait Boat Boy Toy Double Motor...
  • High-speed and long-distance driving: The radio-controlled boat transmits at a speed of 19 mph (30 km/h), and other boats follow! Make sharp turns and automatic flips (even if the boat capsizes, the automatic correction function can keep you entertained). Its remote control distance is 328ft (100m).
  • Special clamshell recovery and reverse function: the remote control boat has a durable anti-clamshell design and automatic rewinding and automatic rewinding functions. The ESC with reverse function can protect you from any obstacles, just reverse it back to the route.
  • Interesting large-scale radio-controlled boat: precise, high-performance, durable and unique design, suitable for swimming pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes. The 2.4GHz frequency controller allows multiple remote controls to compete simultaneously. Play more with your friends in the pool, even a small game.
  • Waterproof and sturdy design: Made of high-quality ABS plastic and matching propellers, it is safer and more durable. The streamlined head design reduces waterproof performance and makes navigation easier.
  • Customer Satisfaction : We promise a 12-month warranty, if you need any support, we will provide a timely solution within 24 hours.
SaleBestseller No. 10
HXZB Smart Fishing Bait Boat, Dual Motor 500M Range Remote Control...
  • Functions: Move forward/backward, turn left/right, baiting, night searching. Automatically calibrate the route.
  • Waterproof and crash resistant boat body, adopt high quality materials, sturdy, durable, waterproof, can work against the strong wind and wave.
  • Two independent large capacity baits tanks can be operated independently, can hold 1.5kg lure. Built in 5200mAh battery, long standby time up to 2-3 hours.
  • 2.4Ghzs single handle remote control, 500M remote range makes it possible to release bait far into the lake, river, reservoir and sea where fishes is gathering.
  • Two white lights at the bow and two blue marker lights at the stern, which are more effective and convenient for night vision. It can locate and identify the direction in the night flight, and it will play a certain role in attracting fish.

Other Questions

Are cheap bait boats any good?

The name of the game with RC boats is speed, and you’ll find that some RC boats are faster than others. You can also find RC boats with long-range transmitters, some that have far superior electronics than others, and even some that have a faster initial battery charge time.

An RC boat’s performance can also be affected by the type of water in which it is used.

Are cheap bait boats any good?

The main thing you need to know when it comes to cheap bait boats is that they are not viable as a long-term option if you want to catch fish.

But if you're just getting started in the sport, or are on a tight budget, they can be a worthwhile purchase — provided you don't mind the limitations.

How does a bait boat work?

A bait boat is a very simple device that uses an electric motor and an anchor to move slowly across a body of water. It is used to attract fish by trailing bait just below the surface. The bait boat can be used in any body of water that has fish. The bait boat is essentially a small boat that is remote controlled. If you want a bait boat for fishing, they can be easily found online, or you can build one yourself.

What is a fishing bait boat?

Thanks to a wide variety of fishing bait boats available on the market, anglers are no longer required to drag dead fish around a pond or lake to attract a school of fish. The modern fishing bait boat is equipped with a fish finder, GPS, live well, and a motor.

This modern innovation makes it easy to control the speed, direction, and direction while keeping your hands free to reel in a big catch.


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Angler/Fisherman Installing A Fish Finder On An RC Bait Boat

OK, guys you have a rc fishing boat, and want to attach a fish finder to it. I have bought all the gear, so the fish finder is essentially what you get in this pack. You get three pieces, you get a little screw on antenna. You’ll use this as an extension to the main antenna. The sonar is at the bottom. Then your third piece is the receiver to the screen with all the valuable information on it

So all you do is screw your Antenna into the unit, and then the sensor sonar has to sit just in the water. The sonar that sits in the water has a plastic molding. You’ve got two little metal contacts so that it only comes on when those they are in the water.

The sonar unit part of the kit, has a screw-top lid that is used to gain access to the battery. The battery is one of these disc type cells that go in a watch, only maybe a little bit bigger.

All you do is put a coin in there, twist it and take off the top. Take the old battery out and put the new one in. The unit comes supplied with a battery, which is quoted up to 500 hours.

I don’t think for one second you’ll get that, but let’s just say you got even half that – 250 hours that is a long time to operate this unit. So I’m quite impressed with that okay.

There is a suction pad there for the transmitter unit, and you’ve got a suction pad there for the lower end. All I do is simply attach this the sonar unit to the back of the remote control fishing boat. Then I put the sonar unit in one of the rc fishing bait boat trays. When the boat gets to where I want to start looking, I simply dump it into the water.

Like I say, as soon as the sonar comes into contact with water, it will instantly switch on, which is foolproof. You just have to make sure that the sonar unit is firmly attached to the RC Bait Boat. Otherwise, you will get wet retrieving your unit!

This unit here is absolutely simple to use, and it really is almost like a unit for dummies. It’s essential that you have the antenna out! If you don’t, then that will only work for about five or six meters in range.

There’s a friend of mine who didn’t even know you had the antenna on it, which is quite funny. So take the antenna out of the monitor unit, and then it’ll start up automatically. It’s telling me I’ve got no signal there that’s simply because the unit isn’t in the water.

Soon as that it’s the water, it will come, on and then you’re free to find those fish. You now have a fish finder RC boat. an RC boat with fish finder is much more useful as you can carry bait and your line and drop it once you locate the fish

The bait boat fish finder will work at a distance of approximately 500yards from the fishing boats rc unit, on an entry-level model. Much further on the higher-end models.

In a similar way, you can attach a bait boat gps to your remote control fishing boat. This allows you to monitor where the good spots are, recording there exact coordinates

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