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Need a replacement Telescopic bar for your foosball table? Well so do we, but it is starting to look like these cannot be bought separately, so think hard before buying this type of table!

Foosball Replacement Telescopic Rods

The three types of Foosball Rods

The Foosball rods, are the metal bars that you hold and have the men attached too. There are three main types of foosball rods. These are:

Solid Foosball Rod

The Solid Foosball Rod is a solid metal bar, as you can imagine, this is more expensive that the hollow rods. These rods should last a lifetime, if they are properly maintained, as they are incredibly hard to bend

Hollow Foosball Bars

These bars are very similar to the solid bar, other than they are obviously hollow. If too much pressure is put onto these bars the may bend or buckle. If this happens they need to be straightened, or replacement rod bought to replace the damaged ones.

Telescopic Foosball Rods

Both the hollow and the solid rods above, come out of the other side of the table as you push them. Telescopic rods do not do this. They are hollow like the hollow rod, but they are made out of a number of slightly narrower individual sections. When the rod is pushed or pulled the rod either expands or contracts. It is fixed to one side of the table, so that end never moves. This type of rod is considered much safer for the home This type of rod, because of its moving parts is far less strong than the Solid rod, and nor even sturdy as the hollow rod. It is difficult to bend this type of rod back into its original form, if it is bent, due to the telescopic nature.

Replacement Foosball Rods

It seems to a little difficult to replace Solid and Hollow Foosball Rods. You can try looking at Amazon links below: As the rods tend to be very similar in size, you can also get universal foosball rods that should fit most tables. Also remember that you can use either a solid or hollow rod interchangeably

Replacement Telescopic Rods

I have been looking for these for a very long time on the internet and other places. If you do find somewhere that sells these items could you please email us, or leave a link in comments? We have been looking all over eBay, Amazon and Alibaba with no luck whatsoever!


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