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8 Man Foosball Table Reviews – Extra Players for Extra Fun!

8 Person Foosball Table

These tables are a speciality table, which may be used at parties, events etc., where there are many people, and you want to build teams, or have fun. The table is of a type that few people are going to buy for themselves, unless of course, you own a bar, or have some sort of Events Company, where you are going to rent the tables out.

I do not know of anyone who has enough space or people around to have one of these tables in their own home.

If you are having an event, and want one of these tables, then they can be rented. Looking at the prices in 2020, the prices for a rental seems to be around $400-$450. These are substantial and heavy tables, so having one delivered will not be cheap.

There are only 2 of these tables available at the moment – that I know of. These are the Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs, and the G-2000 8 Player Foosball Table.

Both tables are similar, but the Warrior table has the better built-in lighting

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G-2000 8 Player Foosball Table

g8 table

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This extra-large 8-player Garlando indoor foosball table offers increased fun, and even more exciting action, thanks to an extended playing field. Its cabinet reproduces the G-2000’s elegant shape, in the same color and sleek inclined legs.

Suitable to accommodate and amuse larger groups of players, they will also suit marketing events and advertising purposes. Telescopic safety bars provide greater safety if used in schools and playgrounds where small children are around.

Table Features

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs

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Perfect for all your events. Bring some additional fun to your next event. You can play up to 4 people on each side, making it a unique foosball experience.

Extra safety. The table will come with our standard Rod Guard System for the extra protection of players of all ages. No need to worry about fast-moving rods striking any player.

Optional Laser light–Free. Comes with 2 additional laser lights that can be mounted at each end for some extra excitement.

The cabinet is 102 inches long by 30 wide and 36 inches high. Please note the table will be wider with the rods added on. The table also does split in half for easy transportation.

Table Features

  • Variable LED lighting around playfield
  • Top caliber, durable, player friendly table.
  • Unique Rod Guard system for the safety of players of all ages.
  • Great for Event Planners and Party Rentals
  • Splits in half for easier transport

Other Questions

 How many players can play foosball?

The number of players in a foosball game ranges from 2 to 8 players, depending on the tables being played on.

A standard table has 8 rods, that is four handles on each side of the table. Here there can be a set of 2 people playing or 4 (team games, with 2 people per team).

A specialty table, on the other hand, mostly found in areas with a big number of people like bars or parties, has up to 16 rods and can have up to 8 players.

Here we may have a team of 2, 3 or 4 players on each end of the table.


 Where is foosball most popular?

According to statistics given by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), foosball is very popular in the United States and in Europe. The popularity of a sport is usually measured with the leagues or competitions organised on this one.

The ITSF nation wise ranking of countries where foosball is most popular is as followed;

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Austria
  4. Switzerland
  5. USA

 Space required for an 8 person foosball table

The space for an 8 person foosball table ranges from 101 to 104 inches for the length, 28-44 inches for the width, and 35-36 inches for the height. 

These are the size ranges of the most popular 8 person foosball tables which are;

  • Warrior Table Soccer 8 man foosball table with LEDs
  • G-2000 8 player foosball table
  • Tornado 8 player
  • Garlando XXL 8 player


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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