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Simple Ways To Have A Great Winter Kayak Bass Fishing Season

Winter Bass Fishing With Kayak

If you're looking to start your kayak bass fishing trips during the winter months, there's no reason you shouldn't do it! Winter fishing offers several apparent benefits.

Initially, the 'competitive environment' would be lower than that of most anglers. Some swap fishing for winter hunts and several don't even want to waste hours in ice.

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There is also a general misunderstanding that winter is much more challenging. Naturally, winter fishing is worse than the rest of the year. However, this is the year when several aquatic animals, including bass, are grouped.

Besides the fact that fewer people can do so, it will lead to more fish for all your winter anglers. While winter fishing has its advantages, you certainly need to take some advice on preparing and planning. Pack the correct supplies to keep your materials and equipment secure from more problematic winter conditions.

Mind the Following to Guarantee: an Enjoyable Winter Kayak Bass Fishing


Begin first by getting to the right place to prepare for your winter fishing trip. Determining which species move in winter is a fruitful fishing trip of the year. Review web sources designed to help anglers find great fishing sites.

Avoid high-current rivers or streams. Fishing would not only be more complicated, but it can also become a security issue. Some choose lakes and rivers which, even during the winter, are naturally stable. Before you start your journey, check the current circumstances online.

Note that good planning and analysis means that, even though you know which winter fish species you like, you save yourself hours of potentially wasted time in the chill!

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Pick the Right Day and Time to Go

In preparing fishing tours during winter, the weather must be much more critical. Track your winter bass fishing activity around it and prepare your forecast. Any situation will increase the chances of good fishing.

Weather fronts influence the booming number of freshwater organisms. After a show, fish are less active. Book your winter fishing trip until a cold front passes to increase your odds of success. Though the odds are small, choose the luminous and warmest days to fish.

You can use Polaroid to identify any traces of fish in the warm winter light. Time-wise, go fishing between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon.

Therefore, fish seem to eat more aggressively. Of course, outside of these periods, you can capture strange fish, but the activity is much more likely than that.

Get All Your Fishing Equipment in Order

Both your special equipment can be subject to increased strain during winter fishing. If you have chosen your place and day, ensure that all your fishing gear is ready. Check your reels. Clean your reel bearings and lubricate them because the cold will make them hard and challenging to use.

Professionals are available at repair shops to unscrew and clean the reels at a reasonably low price. It is strongly advisable to visit the shop before fishing in cold weather. Condition the lines such that they are soft and do not curl.

It is also possible to use the corresponding line conditioner to prevent the water from freezing in your rod guides. In the season, you can even lose your items to rain and moisture. Be sure you have a robust dry bag to protect your belongings.

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Keep Your Safety in Mind

Let's begin with the obvious. Dress in cozy warm layers when you fish in winter. Thermal clothing is advisable. Don't overlook how cold it can get when you stay in the same place for a few hours. Take in a protective bag or suitcase and a couple of extra coats. You will not regret it.

If you've arranged your time and place, let a friend know where you are going and for how long. When something goes wrong, it will speed up the investigation process if everyone knows where you are precise.

Choose the Right Bait

It is challenging to choose the best winter fishery baits, but a few tips will increase your chances of success:

What Do Bass Feed On In The Winter?

Feeding Patterns

Bass eats the same nutritional foods throughout the year, even in winter. Crawfish can go away during the winter, but crawfish baits can work. Shad or baitfish mimic appetites are a better bet, though.

Use the live bait. Although the fish swim more quickly in the cold water, they are turned away too soon by the artificial bait. Do your utmost to reduce the speed as you want them to head to the artificial one so that you can imitate the slow tactics of these animals in winter. It is a challenge doing so precisely, so go for live bait like minnows or live worms.

Go for lures suitable for capturing over one species. Herring or shad, for example, are enticing forages in winter for many freshwater animals. Other forages, like crawfish, usually hibernate and will not be a lure during the winter.

In winter, soft plastic baits may also be useful, like grubs and tube baits. Just choose the colors closest to real winter drilling, including silver and white with colored specks. Ensure the bait is highly recognizable—it is more likely to draw their interest in feeding fish if the lure is brightly colored and noticed. Gold or chrome does well, too.

Pick those with plumage if you choose artificial bait. Contrary to soft plastic baits, which can become rigid and stable if the temperatures are too low, they perform very well in cold water temperatures. Feathers and hair make the bait move fast and effortlessly, with less fishing activity.

Another winter bass fishing strategy is to use lighter bait. During these warmer months, fish do not need to eat as much, and they find it easier to consume and capture smaller prey. You imitate their everyday feeding habits in winter when you give them anything tiny and sluggish. Size-wise, aim for 2 to 4 inches of bait. Keep the bait in a close location with the highest likelihood of succeeding.

Other Questions

Is Winter A Good Time To Fish For Bass? 

In wintertime, bass fishing will grant you access to larger fish and smoother days on the lake. It's not that tough, too, with any shared knowledge. Adapt to the bass behaviors to try your luck during winter fishing.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Bass Fishing?

Bass can quite tolerate high and low temperatures. You should pay close attention to your boat's thermometer while it's scorching—over 85 degrees—or freezing, which is anything under 50 degrees. But if it's within 55 and 85 degrees, the temperature doesn't change the bass's behavior.

It's not correct that much of the bass fishing operation closes down when the water temperature reaches the mid-40s. You'd be surprised by how powerful a bass bite can be in these cold temperatures. Although the surface temperature can be 33 degrees, the water is colder as the bass swims in shallow waters in winter.

What Should I Wear Kayak Fishing For Bass In Winter?

Selecting the perfect winter kayak fishing gear is vital to your survival. The best way to stay dry while you're kayaking is to wear a full-body dry suit, even in the harshest weather. A dry suit mixes a durable material with a wrist, ankle gasket, and neck to keep the water outward.

It should be insulated with a secure seal around the ankle, waterproof trousers, and a waterproof jacket over it all. The outer layer that sheds water often sheds wind. It'll keep you toasty.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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