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Wooden Foosball Tables : Six Best Wooden Foosball Tables

Six Best Wooden Foosball Tables Worldwide

Are you hunting for the perfect wooden football table and are facing some difficulty to find what suits your taste? Several people wake up to the benefits of a wood-built foosball table, but they need to absorb a remarkable deal of information.

Don't worry, though, since selecting the perfect wooden foosball table requires learning a series of complicated things. Concisely, we have assembled a collection of the six most excellent wooden foosball tables worldwide. You will discover our editor's selection at the peak of our ranking of the six best foosball tables.

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Top 6 Wood Foosball Tables Review 2021

But don't quit until you have verified the summary portion we have collected following an exhaustive online analysis, where all the weights, measurements, rod forms, goalie configurations, materials, and play surfaces can be reviewed.

Press forward to discover our excellent purchase tutorial that looks extra carefully at all these variables. By the time you are through reading this post, there is a 100% guarantee that you will choose the ideal wooden foosball table that matches your requirements.

The Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese-Lisbon

provides a masterful array of features and is an excellent football table. It pleased us that the Carrinho Portuguese-Lisbon Bilhares is housed in a solid, exquisite wooden cabinet with titanium rods, wooden handles, and stainless steel hand-painted players.

It weighs an optimal 375 pounds, and the entire activity is performed on a robust 8 mm thick play surface. It's an outstanding handcrafted table and is perfect for beginners and elite players, with a choice of switching between singular to three goalies — this table is a full pack of what most gamers desire. If this Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese–Lisbon is not in your taste preferences, below is yet a list of five more foosball fields, each with its unique characteristics.

Berner Billiards The X-Treme

A robust, walnut-laminated MDF foosball table, featuring stainless steel rods and ABS plastic counterweight players.<

Tornado Scottsdale

A stunning foosball table with hollow-core steel rods, wooden grips, and antique furniture style feet with customizable leg levelers.

Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese

A custom crafted solid wood foosball table with pine legs, an acrylic playfield with a gently curved design, and bronze custom colored players

René Pierre Competition

A European style foosball table made of solid beech with chromium-plated steel, telescopic rods, adjustable handles, and aluminum die-cast players.

Garlando F-100

A pocket-friendly foosball table with sturdy bases and legs, telescopic rods, and plastic molded players.

Purchasing Guide  

We have assembled the following shopping guide to consider the essential aspects that you should consider when purchasing. Know the foosball table that fits your interests and budget. Note the specifics by reading our review, and it would be simpler for you to locate the right foosball set.

Why Purchasing a Wood Foosball Table is Worth it

Wood is more substantial than synthetic fabrics or chemicals, which help you enjoy football even easier. The moment you receive a recent order, a heavy foosball table can be more challenging to push about, so the bigger it is, the easier until you get the latest table installed. Foosball needs a remarkable deal of energy and, throughout the match; lightweight tables also shift about and provide an unfair competitive benefit. You should also buy a foosball coffee table—it is wooden and weighs less because of its analog.

Take into Account the Following Features when Purchasing a Foosball Table

It is better to get an understanding of what you want when you pick your list. Measure each feature's costs against your schedule. For limited use, an outstanding quality cabinet design table is meaningless. Conduct the information for each set you view and follow the critical points in this purchasing manual so you should not have much to do. Consider the weight; track the playing surface, how easily the rods can function while the table has counterbalanced players and something else that may influence your enjoyment.

Table Measurements and Weight

Weight and measurements are significant, so if you are going to put your new foosball table in a smaller location, you must owe them special attention. Pay heed in size to the guidance that the supplier gives on clearances. Everything is worse than having enough time to walk around easily while you play a game like foosball. Weight, as I mentioned, is a significant bonus for football tables, but be honest on how big your table will be if you stay in an apartment up to six look flights, and there is no raise.

The Foosball Table Build 

In terms of designs, foosball tables come in three primary forms. Many sets are solid oak, some are constructed of main particle boards, and some may be of the hybrid material. The choice of particleboards is typically cheaper than big wooden tables, and structural tables are popular in the central market.

The Foosball Playing Surface 

A wide variety of designs and dimensions exist in the physical playing area on the foosball field. Typically, the foosball culture agrees that the best material on which to play is laminate because the pace is still fine-on a smoother surface. In comparison, wood is such a sluggish playing field.

The thickness – which is how durable and sturdy the section of the table is and just how big – is also essential for the foosball games.

Similarly, our editor's pick – the Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese – Lisboa has a play material of a colossal 8 mm wide. Scale counts if you prefer the real professional foosball game. If you decide to involve several participants in the tournaments, this should be on your list.

The Foosball Playing Rods

Rods are one of the main components of a foosball table. To compete with younger players, start utilizing telescopic rods – this rod style is rated the most stable to avoid accidents incurred by fast-moving objects. Strong and hollow rods can be placed on various kinds of foosball boards and poles.

In our sample series, for instance, the Garlando F-100 table has nylon steering knuckles. Both of these conditions can affect the speed, so it is advisable to analyze the rods in-depth on each surface.


If you look at goalies on foosball boards, you'll note two key settings. Tables for individual players are typically set up by more seasoned foosball players as they are expected to drive the opponent's goals away. The Scottsdale Tornado is just the right table with these features.

Three-person tables make it even easier to win, so whether you're only a novice foosball player or even smaller kids can use it because of its setup. The positive news is that many costly foosball tables, if the budget permits, will move from a three-man to a one-goal structure. Consider the Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese for this.

If you're beginning and don't want to update the table sooner and you're doing well in the match, or both adults and kids want the table to practice with, find a table that helps you change the goalkeeper setup.

Counter Weighted Men

Any seasoned foosball player knows that counterweighted persons are a massive boon when the moment of releasing a solid shot at the goal arises. Without this function, all player rows that are fired before a match would need to be changed. Counterweighted players are so stable that they move in a horizontal direction any time you drop the bar operated by it.

They help you play quickly and give you the shock factor when you fire. The Berner Billiards The X-Treme is an outstanding illustration of a table with such foosball guys.

The Foosball Table Levelers

Foosball table levelers are available, and they are a fantastic touch. You have to choose a flat playfield for a decent match. However, other floor conditions tend to be not wholly flat where you are going to place it. However, when you take everything out of the box, you won't have to balance it.

The foosball game is dynamic, and the table shifts a little over time, even if it's heavy. You can gain the best out of your foosball table by constantly leveling your playing field. That is why levelers are a fantastic tool that saves time.

Summing It Up - Six Best Wooden Foosball Tables

We have carefully looked at what constitutes a fantastic foosball table and a couple of quality instances. Throughout our ranking of the six best foosball tables, there was a table for just about any preference, but the one that rose to the top was the wonderful Bilhares Carrinho Portuguese-Lisbon.

This table has everything, and for several customers, it would be a massive flop. The beautifully competitive Berner Billiards The X-Treme came second on our six updated foosball charts. The Berner Billiards The X-Treme ticks every box as far as excellent turn-around foosball tables go, and it was a tight choice for the top 3 spots on our ranking.

The Tornado Scottsdale is not less in value as our final third. This foosball table has a range of benefits and earns its place on our ranking.

Other Questions

What is the cost of foosball tables?

Foosball tables range in size, and you can plan to spend up to $4,000 for a good-formed illustration of a cabinet.

Nonetheless, several tables are placed on an income scale that ends at $100 and rises to the $1,200 level. Generally, a world championship-style table takes you up to around $2,000.

What is the overall size of a foosball table?

There is a wide variety of foosball table styles as the demand, the weight varies equally, and the size and components used by each product.

However, it is prudent to note that a regular football table will weigh up to 370 pounds. To choose your set, think carefully where it's going to be placed, how to transport it, and its function. Foosball tables can be substantial, so you can't move all by yourself.


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