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We had a few quick question posts about Foosball, The site was becoming cluttered are harder to navigate. So we have moved all of the Short Questions, here to our Frequently Asked Questions section!

Foosball, Is It A Sport?

Sports – Soccer and Baseball are unarguably Sports! Chess? not many people are going to class this as a Sport, Poker either!

Websters Defines Sport As 1a : a source of diversion : RECREATION c (1) : physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2) : a particular activity (such as an athletic game) so engaged in The Oxford Dictionary Defines Sport as An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. 

But some games like Foosball fall in the middle of these. At professional and advanced levels of play there is no denying that Foosball requires quick reflexes with hand-eye coordination. It is Physically and Mentally Demanding. The contention seems to be with the amount of physical activity, you can play Foosball without exerting yourself much at all, or a lot!

It probably depends on the level of play involved There has even been talk of making Foosball an Olympic SPORT, which would make the aurguemnt a lot more biased towards it being a sport. So going by the definitions of Sport I think you could argue the case in either direction, but personally I would like to think of it as a Sport      

How Many Players On A Foosball Table

In the US and Europe the rules of Foosball are generally very similar, however there is 1 huge difference, In the US there tends to be a three goalie system, where as in Europe they tend to favor the single goalie system. This means that a standard table in the US has an extra 2 men on each goal line, giving a total of 26 men in the US compared with 22 in Europe.

The European tables often have a slight slope at each corner as the goalie is unable to get right to the edges of the table , this stops the ball becoming trapped in a “deadzone” So in the US the player formation is 3-2-5-3 (goal-defense-midfield-attack) In Europe the formation is 1-2-5-3

Smaller Tables

There are many tables available that are not full size, these very often have less men, instead of the 4-bar layout you find on the standard tables , these can have 3 or 2 bar layouts, which would obviously reduce then number of men on the pitch

Larger Tables

Occasionally you can come across novelty tables for many people, these are incredible fun! Warrior for example produce an eight man foosball table      

What Size Is A Foosball?

What size is a standard regulation sized Foosball?

The Foosball should be a 36mm to be a regulation-size ball

Can you serve to yourself in Foosball? Serving to yourself is a legal move in foosball! The rules of Foosball do not say anything against about serving to yourself, many people do it as it is the first chance you have to give yourself the advantage. There are also some people who think this move is “cheating” however if you do not learn to do it you will be at a disadvantage of placing someone who can do it. So it is a skill you should learn      

Where Was Foosball Invented?In Which Country Was Foosball Invented?

Foosball is generally credited with being created in England, in 1921, although there have been several other countries that have claimed to have created the game, most notably France and Germany      

Who Serves In FoosBall

When a foosball match starts, a coin is flipped, and the winner of the flip serves. The serve is sometimes known as the “drop.” From that point on the person who loses serves. When a goal is scored, the person who had a point score against them serves. When a game is won, the loser of that game is the first to serve in the next game      

Is Spinning Allowed In Foosball?

Spinning is not allowed in Foosball, and even if you agree to allow it, it is only useful against beginners, and will stop you game improving. Read more below

Don’t Spin!

We all know what spinning is, its where you run your hand up the handle on a foosball table, and your men quickly rotate more than 360 degrees. This is an illegal move in Foosball

It A Bad Move As Well

Many beginners assume that spinning is not allowed as it is a powerful move, it is not. As you get better at foosball you will find that you can hit the ball harder and harder, eventually to will be able to hit it harder than any “spinner”. You will also have a lot more accuracy when you do not spin, spinners never really know what direction the ball is going to go in Also if you spin you are never going to build up your skills, so you will always be a spinner, others are going to be improving their real skills, this means that while you may win to begin with, eventually you are going to be overshadowed, and stop winning    

How Much Space Do I Need To Play Foosball?

It depends on the size of the person and table, but for a full grown man of a full-sized table, you need about 7 x 8 foot (215 x 245cm). For children and smaller table, this will be reduced. Read more below

Is My Room Big Enough For A Foosball Table?

If you have a full-sized foosball table in a room, you will need the space shown in the diagram below. If you do not have enough space and decide on a smaller table, you are only saving the space of the table. The player remains the same size. You can only save a few inches! Children are smaller and require less space, but they grow quickly, so try not to make it too cramped for them, otherwise in 6 months they will not fit! 

How Big Is A Full Size Foosball Table

Thinking of getting a full-sized foosball table and unsure of how big it will be?

A true full-sized regulatiotable has a width of 30 inches (76cm), a length of 56 inches (142cm), and a height of 36 inches (91cm). However, you need to consider the space needed for the players. Read more below

What About Including The Players?

So we know that the table is 56 x 30 inches, however, the playing rods are going to stick out of the sides and then, of course, there are the players. The total area you will need is going to be about 7 foot by 8 foot, this will give you room on the side of the tables to get the returned ball and get past the table. It also allows about 3 feet of playing space for each of the players.

Final Thoughts

Remember, do not have enough space and get a smaller table, you will still need the same amount of space for the players! They will not get smaller.      

How Heavy Is A Foosball Table

People often want to know before buying a Foosball table, How heavy is a Foosball Table

This depends on the size and make of the table. A Good full-size table will weight between 225 lbs and 375 lbs (100kg to 170kg). Read below for more details

Weights Of Various Style Foosball Tables

You cannot give an exact figure for a Foosballs tables weight as it depends on a lot of factors:

  • Table Size
  • Construction Material
  • How Durable (hollow legs etc)

Full Size Foosball Table

A very good quality, solid wood, full-sized table will weight almost 400 pounds, where as a good quality laminate, full sized table will weight in at around 140 pounds. The heavier the table the more likely it is stronger and longer it will last longer. But it will be less convenient and much much harder to move

Table Top Foosball

A typical 36 inch Table Top Foosball table will weight approximately 22 pounds

Final Thought

These weight can only be approximate, you will need to look at the Specs of the table you are considering to get an exact weight    

Foosball / Table Football / Table Soccer, What Should I Call It?

The German name for soccer is ‘football’ spelled Fußball. The ‘ß’ called Eszett or scharfes S, in English “sharp S”. So this German word sounds like “Foosball”. So the word Foosball is a corruption of the German name for Football or Soccer. The industry seem to be settling on the name “Table Soccer”I live in England and we call Foosball – Table Football. Soccer in England, and indeed most of the World is known as Football. And as Foosball is the game of Football played on a table, we call it “Table Football”. Obvious really! So what is Foosball…I mean “Table Soccer” called in the rest of the world? Name of Foosball in Argentina – Metegol Name of Foosball in Australia – Foosball or table football Name of Foosball in Austria – Wuzler Name of Foosball in Belgium – Tafelvoetbal Name of Foosball in Bolivia – Futbolín Name of Foosball in Brazil – Pebolim o Name of Foosball in Bulgaria – Футбол на маса Name of Foosball in Canada – Foosball or jitz Name of Foosball in Canada (French) baby-foot. Name of Foosball in Chile – Taca-Taca Name of Foosball in China – 桌上足球 Name of Foosball in Colombia – Futbolín Name of Foosball in Costa Rica – Futbolín Name of Foosball in Croatia – Stolni nogomet Name of Foosball in Czech Republic – Fotbálek Name of Foosball in Denmark – Bordfodbold Name of Foosball in Estonia – Lauajalgpall Name of Foosball in France – Baby-foot or Babyfoot Name of Foosball in Germany – Tischfußbal Name of Foosball in Greece – Ποδοσφαιράκι Name of Foosball in Guatemala – Futío Name of Foosball in Hungary – Csocsó Name of Foosball in Iceland – Fótboltaspil Name of Foosball in India – Fusball Name of Foosball in Ireland – Foosball Name of Foosball in Israel – כדורגל שולחן Name of Foosball in Italy – Calcio balilla Name of Foosball in Japan – テーブル・フットボール Name of Foosball in Latvia – Galda futbols Name of Foosball in Lithuania – Stalo futbolas Name of Foosball in Malta – Ċomba Name of Foosball in Mexico – Futbolito Name of Foosball in Netherlands – Tafelvoetbal Name of Foosball in Peru – Fulbito de mesa Name of Foosball in Poland – Piłkarzyki, Name of Foosball in Portugal – Matraquilhos Name of Foosball in Romania – Fusbal Name of Foosball in Russia – кикер Name of Foosball in Serbia – Stoni fudbal Name of Foosball in Slovenia – Ročni nogomet Name of Foosball in Slovakia – Kalčeto Name of Foosball in South Africa – Tata box Name of Foosball in Spain, – Futbolín Name of Foosball in Switzerland – Töggelichaschte Name of Foosball in Taiwan – 手足球(桌上足球) Name of Foosball in Thailand – ฟุตบอลโต๊ะ Name of Foosball in Turkey – Langırt Name of Foosball in United Kingdom – Table football Name of Foosball in United States – Foosball Name of Foosball in Uruguay – Futbolito Name of Foosball in Venezuela – Futbolín Name of Foosball in Zimbabwe – Slug

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